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Is a transfer on death deed right for you?

If you are working on your estate planning and wondering what options you have for passing your house to your children or another loved one, you may want to consider whether a transfer on death deed (TODD) is right for your situation.

Virginia law allows you to pass real estate to another person without going through probate by using a special deed that only goes into effect upon your death. Understanding what a TODD does and does not do may help you decide if a TODD is the right estate planning tool for you.

What are some pros and cons of forming a business with a partner?

Starting a new business can make you feel good about your professional life. Such empowerment comes from taking control of your career, building your security and enriching your community. However, business formation also comes with a certain amount of risk, which is why some entrepreneurs in the Lynchburg region choose to take on a partner.

In many situations, a business partnership works out very well for all parties. Other times, the partnership fails, leading to increased risk, loss of funds, and in some cases, total business failure. Before you decide to create your new business with a partner, it is wise to make certain you understand the consequences. The following section contains some possible pros and cons of business formation with a partner.

How can I know my chances of winning a lemon law claim?

Anytime you face a major event in your life, it is normal to wonder about its outcome. Filing a legal claim, even one centered on Virginia's lemon law, is indeed a major life event. It would be wonderful if you could know ahead of time if your efforts will find success, but as most people know, this is not always possible.

One of the best ways of finding out about your odds of success in a lemon law claim is to take your story to a qualified attorney. He or she will look at the evidence related to your case objectively and give you advice as well as a recommendation. In the end, it will be your choice about whether to proceed with filing a lemon law claim.

Be sure to see a doctor if you have been in a car accident

A common scenario after a car accident: You feel fine and appear to have suffered no injuries, so you decide to skip a visit to the doctor or an emergency room. In our experience serving residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, we have found this to be a mistake in most cases. The reason skipping a post-accident checkup is a mistake is three-fold.

1. As you know, many kinds of injuries occur in car accidents. Broken bones and deep lacerations become apparent right away. However, with some injuries, the symptoms may not appear for days or even weeks. Examples of injuries with delayed symptoms include head injuries, whiplash, spinal injuries and abdominal injuries. Getting checked out immediately after a car accident can identify any potentially serious or life-threatening injuries.

Virigina land and zoning laws determine your property's usage

When you buy a home, a piece of land or perhaps a commercial building in Virginia – or anywhere else, in fact – you have big dreams for how you will use it. Just make sure you don't dream too big until your municipality tells you it's okay to do so.

For instance, that vacant land that you just bought sits between two homes in a large residential community. You'd love to build a sub shop or a pizza place to take advantage of the number of hungry people in the area. Or that really large home where a family with 10 kids used to live? You can see a bed and breakfast there.

Create a living trust, protect your assets by avoiding probate

Perhaps you are reaching retirement age, and you wish to create a document that outlines which beneficiaries will receive your substantial assets. Perhaps you want to ensure that your property falls into the correct hands when you pass away, or maybe you have a collection of valuables that you want given to a specific loved one.

Many adults choose to create a living trust to gift large assets to their beneficiaries after they pass away. Yet the need for a living trust extends beyond those who have acquired significant money and property throughout their lifetime. If you wish to protect your assets from probate, or the process of proving that your will is your legal and valid last testament, you want to establish a living trust. Probate does not allow your beneficiaries to receive your assets immediately.

Estate planning: two powers of attorney to consider including

To those not involved in the legal or financial fields, estate planning feels like a monumental job. Because there are so many options for individuals in the Lynchburg area, they often put off the important process. If unexpected death or incapacity occurs, when there's no estate plan, families may be at the mercy of the Virginia judicial system to address finances and other important matters.

Many people feel that if they have a solid will or trust, powers of attorney are unnecessary. This might be true in some cases, but these important legal documents add another layer of security to an existing estate plan.

How can a lawyer assist in forming a Limited Liability Company?

When you decide that it is time to begin the process of business formation in Virginia, one of your first tasks will be deciding how to structure your business. For many, forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the best structuring choice.

However, before going forward with the process, it is important to know what is involved in forming an LLC. Acquiring such knowledge assists in making the right decisions during the business formation phase and for many years thereafter.

Property line disputes: Avoid going to war with the neighbors

Property line disputes can turn good neighbors into serious enemies really quickly, so it's always in your best interest to settle a boundary issue with a minimum of fuss. Otherwise, what starts out as nothing more than a simple mistake can morph into a complicated lawsuit.

Do you think that your neighbor may be encroaching on your land? Here's what you should do to resolve the boundary dispute:

What are some basic elements to include in your estate plan?

Estate planning in today's world seems very complicated to most people. Some estate plans include many complex elements, but it is not as difficult as you may believe to get started on setting up your plan. Many Lynchburg residents choose to start small in the beginning and then add any necessary additional elements as they learn more about the process.

Like any important event or item in a person's life, completing the tasks associated with estate planning may proceed more smoothly by taking a simple approach. Learning which components to start with goes a long way in helping Virginians acquire the estate protections that will best meet their immediate needs.

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