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What's considered a lemon car in Virginia?

One of the reasons that many of us purchase a new vehicle is so we don't have to face a lot of the headaches such as costly car repairs that often come with owning a used one. What many don't realize is that new cars aren't always problem-free. Newer vehicles are often subject to recalls. There may even be a bad one in the bunch. Fortunately, Virginia has laws on the books to protect those who purchase one of these "lemon" cars.

Virginia's "Lemon Law," which is formally known as the Virginia Motor Vehicle Warranty Enforcement Act, remains in effect from the time a new car is purchased by a consumer up until their 18th month of ownership. It may even apply in rare instances to used vehicles, especially if a new car was sold to a secondary owner within 18 months of its purchase.

A second tow truck driver is struck, injured in Lynchburg

A tow truck driver was injured when he was struck by a motorist in Lynchburg on Jan. 23.

According to a spokesperson with Bee Line Transport, one of their drivers had almost finished hooking up a large bus to their rotator when a passing car approached and ran into him.

Could someone make a claim to the property you want to buy?

Whether you decide to buy a house for yourself or as an investment, you expect to own it after sealing the deal. In order to make sure that happens, a title search is necessary to make sure that no one else has a legal claim to the property.

If that search reveals an issue that could impede your ownership, a legal avenue of potential recourse exists. You may be able to file a "quiet title action" aimed at settling the question of ownership.

Easement disputes aren't easily resolved without a fight

Is it your dream to purchase or build your home among a clearing in the woods somewhere? If so, you may want to make sure to have a home inspector, a title company or a real estate attorney complete a review of the property records to make sure that there's no property line or easement dispute that's going to cause you a headache on down the line before you buy.

In case you're not completely clear as to what an easement is, it's essentially a legal right someone may have attained to use your property or a portion of it as if it were their own.

Is it time to update your estate plans?

If there's one thing that you should know about estate planning, it's that it's never too early for you to do it. While it's a good rule of thumb to revisit your plans every few years to make sure that it continues to reflect your preferences, you'll also want to update your estate plan even more frequently if life circumstances change.

New chapters in life

1 dead, others injured in beltless Virginia car accident

By now, there probably is not a person in the United States that does not understand the benefits of wearing a seat belt. However, people still choose to ignore the benefits and the law, choosing not to use this all-important safety feature. After a recent Campbell County, Virginia, car accident, one person is dead and three others are injured. Not one of the people involved in this crash was wearing a safety restraint.

According to police officers, the collision took place at about 3:10 p.m., where Route 501 intersects with Route 680. Reportedly, a person operating a 1987 Dodge Dakota ran through a stop sign and into the path of a Ford pickup truck. The male driver of the Ford truck was unable to avoid colliding with the Dodge.

Is a transfer on death deed right for you?

If you are working on your estate planning and wondering what options you have for passing your house to your children or another loved one, you may want to consider whether a transfer on death deed (TODD) is right for your situation.

Virginia law allows you to pass real estate to another person without going through probate by using a special deed that only goes into effect upon your death. Understanding what a TODD does and does not do may help you decide if a TODD is the right estate planning tool for you.

What are some pros and cons of forming a business with a partner?

Starting a new business can make you feel good about your professional life. Such empowerment comes from taking control of your career, building your security and enriching your community. However, business formation also comes with a certain amount of risk, which is why some entrepreneurs in the Lynchburg region choose to take on a partner.

In many situations, a business partnership works out very well for all parties. Other times, the partnership fails, leading to increased risk, loss of funds, and in some cases, total business failure. Before you decide to create your new business with a partner, it is wise to make certain you understand the consequences. The following section contains some possible pros and cons of business formation with a partner.

How can I know my chances of winning a lemon law claim?

Anytime you face a major event in your life, it is normal to wonder about its outcome. Filing a legal claim, even one centered on Virginia's lemon law, is indeed a major life event. It would be wonderful if you could know ahead of time if your efforts will find success, but as most people know, this is not always possible.

One of the best ways of finding out about your odds of success in a lemon law claim is to take your story to a qualified attorney. He or she will look at the evidence related to your case objectively and give you advice as well as a recommendation. In the end, it will be your choice about whether to proceed with filing a lemon law claim.

Be sure to see a doctor if you have been in a car accident

A common scenario after a car accident: You feel fine and appear to have suffered no injuries, so you decide to skip a visit to the doctor or an emergency room. In our experience serving residents of Lynchburg, Virginia, we have found this to be a mistake in most cases. The reason skipping a post-accident checkup is a mistake is three-fold.

1. As you know, many kinds of injuries occur in car accidents. Broken bones and deep lacerations become apparent right away. However, with some injuries, the symptoms may not appear for days or even weeks. Examples of injuries with delayed symptoms include head injuries, whiplash, spinal injuries and abdominal injuries. Getting checked out immediately after a car accident can identify any potentially serious or life-threatening injuries.

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